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Burn Fat | Reduce Glucose Absorption | Energize | Promote Leanness

[New Launch] Susenji OLLIE x 2

[New Launch] Susenji OLLIE x 2

$142.50 $150

Official launch of Susenji OLLIE on 1st July 2022! 3 core ingredients: OLEAVITA, INNOSLIM, MOROSIL. Proven to overall increase adiponectin by 23%, increase AMPK in fat cells by 100%, reduce glucose absorption by 46%, and reduce acetyl-coa carboxylase by 300%!

OLEAVITA: Awaken the fat-burning power of MITOCHONDRIA, promote muscle leanness to reduce subcutaneous fat and visceral fat

INNOSLIM: Supports healthy fat loss by increasing adiponectin, reducing excess glucose absorption and increasing fat burning

MOROSIL™: Dual regulatory effects if inhibiting fat accumulation and promoting fat cell metabolism, regulating fat homeostasis and reducing fat metabolism disorders.

Key Benefits: 

  • Smart Fat Burner
  • Converting fat into energy
  • Reduce glucose absorption
  • Muscle building and slimming
  • Reduction of new fat
  • Reawaken/Boost metabolism
  • The first formula in Southeast Asia


- Consume 1 sachet of Susenji OLLIE directly into your mouth at least 10mins before your meal. 

*Children, lactating women, pregnant women, patients with serious medical condition, please seek advice / consultation from your doctor before consumption. 

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