Susenji NANA x 1


Susenji NANA is our NEW Beauty Oral Supplement which promotes whitening, brightening, and restores fairness. Clinically tested & proven, Susenji NANA rejuvenates your skin to improve the condition & tone in just 30 days!

Each box of Susenji NANA comes with 15 sachets x 1.5g of Lemon mixture powder.

Clinically tested & proven after taking Susenji NANA for 30 days:
Brightening ability increased by up to 168%
Wrinkle resistance increased by up to 153%
Whitening ability increased by up to 180%

Ingredients (100% Natural Plant Extracts): 

  • Lemon Powder
  • Maqui Powder
  • Yeast Ceramide
  • Torula Yeast
  • Saberry
  • Grape Seed Extract

This product is suitable for men & women aged 12 years old and above, vegetarians, pregnant & breastfeeding mothers.