Susenji DEPUFF x 4

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New Product! Officially launched on 28 August 2023. 

Partnering with Mibelle Group, a globally renowned innovative bioactive ingredient company based in Switzerland, Susenji now stands as Asia's pioneer, utilizing the ENDUBERRYTM NU – a Swiss Patented ingredient.

Extracted directly from Haskap Berries, a fruit known for its unique, natural super-antioxidant and polyphenol-rich effects. Both of our internationally patented ingredients, ENDUBERRYTM NU and OKRALINTM, have undergone extensive scientific trials and have proven conclusive results to:

Key Benefits: 

  • Remove excess fluid and salt out of your body
  • Reduce post-meal puffiness / bloatiness
  • Boost cell health and balance pH levels
  • Promote better digestion and metabolism


      - Consume 1 Susenji DEPUFF tablet after meal.

      For best results, consume twice a day.

      1 Box of Susenji DEPUFF contains 25 Tablets x 1.5g.

      *Pregnant women, young children, or if you are on medication, please seek doctor advice before consumption.