Susenji SCULPT x 4

$268.60 $316

New Product! Officially launched on 28 August 2023. 

Enhancements (based on previous Susenji GOLD):

  • Includes 5 roller balls for easier application
  • Precise steel roller-ball design
  • Refreshing & non-greasy lotion texture
  • Promotes long-lasting fat burning effect

Key Benefits: 

  • Activates your fat burning mechanism
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Increase skin's elasticity
  • Lighten stretch marks / cellulite 
  • Skin moisturisation 


    - Simply open the cap of Susenji SCULPT and apply it directly to the desired body part. Gently massage your skin with Susenji SCULPT applicator rollerballs.

    - You may feel some warmth after your skin absorbs Susenji SCULPT.

    For best results, use twice a day.

    *Not recommended for pregnant women due to safety reasons as it may cause warm / itchy sensation after application.